Getting Started:

Please contact our senior instructor to schedule lessons on how to fly.  Instructors are
volunteers who enjoy the process of teaching others how to fly RC aircraft.  As with many
things in life, you need to crawl before you run, so please contact us before you go out and
buy that beautiful warbird with all the bells and whistles.  We will get you started with a
trainer-type aircraft to get your journey started to avoid costly mistakes of poor plane
selections.  Below are a few links to good training planes.  Don't forget a simulator for your
computer (also below).  This can get you flying on your own much faster by reducing
instructor time.

If you already have your wings or have flown at other clubs, please contact the senior
instructor for a short field orientation.  We do have some flight restrictions and safety items
we require you to be knowledgable about before you fly.  Also please read and understand
the rules.

Trainer Planes:
- E-Flight Apprentice

Flight Simulators (computer software programs):
-Real Flight

Flight Instructor Supervisor: